How to Save A Water-Damaged Home

Water damage can be very destructive, insidious even. And when water damage is not covered by insurance, things can get even worse. Unknown to some homeowners, there are water damage claims that do not get covered by a standard home insurance policy. Uncovered damages usually involve gradual damage, such as those that are caused by […]

Tips on Safely Cleaning A Flooded Property

Staying safe during flood cleanup should be the priority of any household reeling from the effects of flooding. After all, flood clean up can be the hardest part of experiencing flooding. Once everyone is physically safe, and can return home, the next question is how to go about the clean-up.¬†Historical Landmarks in Santee The New […]

Dealing with Molds in The Basement

The basement is one of the common places in a house where molds usually lurk. It is the high humidity and the cold air in the area that invites mold to grow in walls, the floor, and even in the ceiling. For some homes that may have experienced sump pump failures or basement flooding, basement […]