Water Damage Restoration Riverside

We come to you to keep you super dry: Mighty Dry also offers on-call water damage restoration services in Riverside, CA.


Acting fast is the key to relieving the effects of water damage.
Our experts are here 24/7 to help!


Mold removal can be highly dangerous to your health. Leave it to our experts for your home mold remediation.


Fire damage can be devastating. Our team is trained to restore your home to pre-fire condition.


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Water Damage Restoration in Riverside

Damage from water, floods, and mold will lead to plenty of issues in your home or business’s structure if left unproperly cared for.

The Mighty Dry Riverside water damage restoration team has plenty of experience servicing the Riverside County area, addressing any disasters you have encountered and needs emergency attention from. Call now!

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  • 5 star ratingWe had a mold scare in our pantry and I quickly called SuperDry. It was late on a weekday evening and they answered and diagnosed the issue immediately. They are also super friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend SuperDry.

    Nicole A. Avatar
    Nicole A.

    5 star ratingI can't give this company enough stars! Ritchie came out to help me with my wet carpet. He found the pipe that was leaking immediately and clogged the huge hole within moments of his arrival. I will be eternally grateful for his service. It was a pleasure

    Angelina F. Avatar
    Angelina F.

    5 star ratingMichael O. Said he is available 24/7. He literally is a man of word. Never been through a leak nor do I want to do it again, but with his knowledge, communication and professionalism it kept our anxiety at bay and made the process easy to navigate.

    Raphael A. Avatar
    Raphael A.
  • 5 star ratingThe SuperDry team exceeds all expectations! From the office reps to the field reps, everyone is there to help you have a seamless experience. Thank you Ritchie, Art and the whole team for your help!

    Krissty A. Avatar
    Krissty A.

    5 star ratingRichie and Art are stand up guys! If you're looking for excellence look no further. Superdry is fast responsive and professional.They have the expertise, equipment and requisite skillset to get the job done right the first time. Highly recommended don't think twice call SuperDry ASAP if you need them.

    The Critic .. Avatar
    The Critic ..

    5 star ratingI didn't end up hiring SuperDry San Diego as there was a cheaper option for me, but Marco was able to provide a no cost evaluation and gave a good and honest assessment and advise.

    Genevieve C. Avatar
    Genevieve C.
  • 5 star ratingSuperdry has been my go to for getting water damage taken care of at my house. I've had 3-4 water leaks in the last year and these guys have done a great job! Art and Miguel were both very professional and easy to deal with. I can't recommend these guys enough!

    Satoshi A. Avatar
    Satoshi A.

    5 star ratingIvan and Tito did an amazing job. Wearing masks, shoe covers and protect my carpets with plastic covers. Arrived on time, work with care and efficient. Suggest!!!

    Juan L. Avatar
    Juan L.

    5 star ratingChris came out and gave a quote for a burst valve that had spread water into the walls and under our floors. It was extremely stressful for me and my husband, but Chris helped to calm our worries by working directly with our insurance and providing quick and professional service!

    Brooke K. Avatar
    Brooke K.
  • 5 star ratingThank you Marco for the rescue of my damage wet wall. An excellent service, highly recommend !

    Antwan P. Avatar
    Antwan P.

    5 star ratingThese guys did an incredible job. They were very responsive and Art Ponce was a wonderful representative to work with. They were on time and made sure to do good work for keeping our home clean. I highly recommend Superdry!

    Kelly O. Avatar
    Kelly O.

    5 star ratingArt was extremely helpful and professional in helping me with figuring out extra moisture under my flooring. After thoroughly testing, Art was able to verify that their was no flooding or damage. I'm 100% satisfied with his service and recommendations!

    Corra C. Avatar
    Corra C.
  • 5 star ratingRitchie and his staff are the best! They provide amazing customer service, follow up and very detailed oriented when doing all their jobs. Superdry is the go to company for all of your Flood Restoration needs!!

    Amy M. Avatar
    Amy M.

    5 star ratingVery professional, Mike was great at explaining everything and taking care of everything that needed to be done.I highly recommend them.

    Kathy G. Avatar
    Kathy G.

    5 star ratingArt came out to check on a potential mold issue in my sons bedroom. He was friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and cleaned up after his work. They were also very quick to response and made it out in the same day to take a look at it.

    Tanya B. Avatar
    Tanya B.
  • 5 star ratingAlex is the best! He came out and inspected my flood damage and places industrial fans and a dehumidifier all around to dry the wood. He was very fast, efficient and did a great job. I am grateful that they helped me clear out flood damage before it caused mold.

    Gretta V. Avatar
    Gretta V.

    5 star ratingI was asking for a mold quote .The owner are super honest and said I can clean it up by myself with supply from Homedepot . I was super surprised ! And yeah !

    Shuoyi L. Avatar
    Shuoyi L.

    5 star ratingIvan came out to assist us the same day we called. He was professional and diagnosed the situation, and we will be sure to use Super Dry in the future!

    E L. Avatar
    E L.
  • 5 star ratingRitchie was great super responsive and more importantly was trust worthy and gave us some materials to help out at no cost will go to again.

    Devon C. Avatar
    Devon C.

    5 star ratingRitchie and his team did an awesome job for us. Efficient, reliable, and it's nice to know that it is a locally owned and operated business (bonus points in my books). We would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you.

    Kelsey H. Avatar
    Kelsey H.

    5 star ratingPHENOMENAL COMPANY. Reliable, reputable and fantastic service. They were in quickly, gave great referrals for the things they didn't do and were very reasonably priced. Thank you so much!

    Takyu C. Avatar
    Takyu C.
  • 5 star ratingMy apartment had a water leak and I honestly had no idea where to start. All that was going through my mind was avoiding major water damage! I found them on Yelp, gave them a call, and they were able to assess and contain my mold situation. CRISIS AVERTED.

    Kaylee S. Avatar
    Kaylee S.

    5 star ratingSerious leak in the kitchen. SuperDry took charge and got the water cleaned up, mold and mildew mediation. First class service and professional.

    Jim J. Avatar
    Jim J.

    5 star ratingMike and Geo are awesome. Very thorough and helpful! Geo was prompt and kept his word. We had a damage in both bathrooms from a leak. Geo worked very fast to get it cleaned out. Thank you guys

    Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.
  • 5 star ratingSuper DRY IS AMAZING!!! I have had to use this company twice and they are on it!! Miguel is so professional, knowledgeable and gets the job done in a timely manner. Do not hesitate to use this company they are great!

    jenni h. Avatar
    jenni h.

    4 star ratingLori and Art were great. Art was exceptionally responsive and helped me through my disaster. Professional and kind.

    Ellie R. Avatar
    Ellie R.

Water Damage Cleanup Riverside

Water damage Riverside CA

Mighty Dry is there when you need water damage restoration or clean-up services in Riverside County. Water damage can cause long-lasting issues, so quick removal and restoration is critical to saving money down the line. You can expect the best level of service from the Riverside water damage restoration experts at Mighty Dry that offer no cost evaluations, 24/7 response time, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Water damage restoration Riverside CA

If you’re looking for water damage repair in Riverside, CA, look no further. Mighty Dry is here to help and keep you super dry. We offer a no-cost evaluation appointment, water damage or mold remediation of the damaged area, repairs and restoration of the area, and any help you need when dealing with insurance.

Water damage repair Riverside CA

Mighty Dry is Riverside’s top pick for water damage restoration services. We specialize in mold remediation and water damage. Technicians are available to help 24/7 and within 60 to 90 minutes.

Riverside Water Damage Restoration FAQ

While waiting for your Riverside Mighty Dry technician to arrive you can:

  • Open windows, curtains, or blinds to help with drying, if it is not raining of course.
  • If possible, set up any fans you may have to help with drying
  • If dealing with serious flooding, it is best to stay in a safe area and wait for your Riverside Mighty Dry Technician.

There are many causes of water damage but in Riverside, the main causes are often plumbing leaks, stormy weather (when we get the occasional rain fall), or poor maintenance to the property.

As a local water damage restoration company in Riverside, it’s best to call Mighty Dry first to assess the water damage and when necessary, we will help contact your insurance company.

To provide water damage restoration services, we must break it down into steps:

  • Step 1- No Cost Evaluation
  • Step 2- Demo/Cleaning
  • Step 3- Drying
  • Step 4- Repairs/Restoration


Each case is different and timeframes may vary. Our Riverside SuperDry technicians will be able to provide more detailed information about water damage removal after performing our no cost evaluation.

By calling Mighty Dry, you are choosing the best water damage restoration company in Riverside. Depending on the what part of the county you are located in, we will send out the right technician to help you.

Mighty Dry is a highly rated and experienced water damage restoration company in Riverside,CA. We specialize in water damage and mold remediation for residential and commercial properties. Unlike most companies, we offer a same day no-cost evaluation appointment. Technicians can arrive within the next 60-90 minutes to help you.

Choose Mighty Dry for your Riverside water damage repairs because we are always here to come to your rescue. Our highly skilled technicians are licensed and ready to service you 24/7 unlike any other company. Call us today!

Water damage restoration is a service that Mighty Dry performs which involves extraction of water of any damaged area of your Riverside home. Water damage cleanup in Riverside is common and usually caused by leaks, floods, or mold.

A water damage restoration service in RIverside, CA consists of a four step process. We start with our no-cost evaluation appointment, followed by demonstration/cleaning of the area. Once that is done we can move on to the drying process. Lastly we do the repairs and restoration of the area.

Riverside water damage restoration timeframes depend on the extent of damage. All cases are different so timeframes will vary. Our Mighty Dry technician will be able to provide you with more detailed information after performing our no-cost evaluation appointment. Schedule one today.

When drywalls of your Riverside home get wet from water damage, it is best to remove and replace it. Our technicians are able to do the water damage restoration for the drywalls of your home and have it back to its original condition.

Mold can start growing in your Riverside home as quickly as 24 to 48 hours after water exposure. It is recommended to have this treated right away as it can be harmful to your health and cause even more damage to your property. Our Riverside water damage repairs include mold remediation.

Costs for water damage restoration in Riverside,CA vary. The cost may vary depending the size of the damage. If you plan to use your insurance, you will never pay more than your deductible. Contact Mighty Dry today to have a no-cost evaluation with one of our technicians to receive more detailed information.

Yes, water damage does get worse over time. Water damage restoration in Riverside,CA can sometimes cause mold to grow as time goes on or cause further damage. It is key to spot and treat quickly.

If you have water damage in your Riverside home, an easy way to help while you’re waiting for your Mighty Dry technician to arrive is to set up a fan. This will help start drying and air out the area. If dealing with serious flooding, please get to a safe area and wait for Mighty Dry to arrive.

Contact Mighty Dry right away! We will have one of our licensed and local Riverside technicians out there within the next 60 to 90 minutes to see what type of water damage restoration services will be needed with our no cost evaluation.

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