Staying safe during flood cleanup should be the priority of any household reeling from the effects of flooding. After all, flood clean up can be the hardest part of experiencing flooding. Once everyone is physically safe, and can return home, the next question is how to go about the clean-up. Historical Landmarks in Santee

The New York Times came up with a long feature on safely cleaning up following a storm or hurricane that has caused home flooding. One of the reminders they mentioned in the articles is the protective gear homeowners should wear during the clean-up. They however emphasized that professional help is ideal in such scenario to ensure full and safe restoration. Super Dry San Diego Water Damage 24 hours

“Your protective gear should be suited to the materials you’ll handle, such as heavy duty work gloves for handling debris, and natural rubber, neoprene, or polyurethane or PVC gloves for use with disinfectants like chlorine bleach. Household gloves can be used when working with milder detergents and cleaners.”

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Canada’s Department of Public Safety also came up with guidelines on cleaning up following a flooding. Also included in that guideline is a checklist prior to moving back in. Commercial Restoration

“Once the flood waters have receded, you must not live in your house until: (1) The regular water supply has been inspected and officially declared safe for use. (2) Every flood-contaminated room has been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and surface-dried. (3) All contaminated dishes and utensils have been thoroughly washed and disinfected – either by using boiling water or by using a sterilizing solution of one part chlorine bleach to four parts water. Rinse dishes and utensils thoroughly. (4) Adequate toilet facilities are available.”

The guidelines can be found here.


The Texas Department of Public Safety also came up with guidelines that could promote safety and well-being among their constituents who have experienced flooding. One of the safety tips they included in their guidelines is for property owners to exercise extreme caution as they go about cleaning up their home. Safety tips to survive a flash flood

“Floors and stairs may be covered with debris and may be very slippery. Watch out for broken bottles, exposed nails, soft spots in the floor and other hazards. When you open cabinets, be on watch for objects that may fall because they are not in their usual place. Standing water should be removed. Fans at open doors and windows can be used to help with the drying out process. They should blow outward, not inward.”

The other safe clean up measures can be found in their original article here.

Safety should always be the priority during flood clean ups.