What Are the Different Classes of Water Damage?

Water damage can have catastrophic effects on our homes and businesses. It can be difficult to prevent some types of water damage from occurring, but some floods or other types of water damage are preventable. Let’s dive into the ways that we distinguish between the different types of water damage that you could have in your home.

3 Categories of Water Damage

Category 1 – Category 1 water damage refers to any water damage caused by a clean water source, in which there is no significant health hazard. This could be a broken supply pipe, rainwater flooding, or a clean bathtub overflowing.

Category 2 – Category 2 water damage refers to water that is visibly contaminated and should not be ingested in any capacity. This type of water can be ridden with bacteria. This can come from an overflowing toilet, broken aquarium, washing machine runoff, and more.

Category 3 – Category 3 water damage refers to water that contains dangerous matter. Any contact with this type of water can be harmful. This includes sewage, flooded seawater, septic backup, or any other contaminated water.

4 Classes of Water Damage

Class 1 – Class 1 water damage refers to water damage that is minimal in size. This could only partially cover an area of a household or business. The water damage is likely minor with only slight water absorption.

Class 2 – Class 2 water damage refers to water damage occurring anywhere in which the water is soaked up, like a carpeted room, a cushioned area, or wood floorboards. 

Class 3 – Class 3 water damage refers to water that comes from overhead. This can include damage to walls, ceilings, carpets, and insulation that has been saturated with water.

Class 4 – Class 4 water damage refers to damage that affects items that should be water-resistant, like bricks, concrete, or stone. This is usually extremely severe water damage requiring specialized treatment.

Mighty Dry Can Help with All Water Damage

If you have experienced any level of water damage, it is imperative to have it looked at and remediated by a team of experts immediately. Hiring a professional water restoration company is important in order to properly determine the damage for your insurance company and to make sure it gets assessed and repaired correctly.

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