The latest technology
in mold remediation

Mold and mildew are a very dangerous issue in any space as it can cause severe health issues and an overall hazardous environment for those in it and the structure. The tools used vary for each situation and service, however some of the important technology include the following:


Some Common Tools

Particle Counters: This tool is used to determine the exact air quality of any space by counting and sizing the particles present in the air. 

Digital Moisture Probe: As mold and mildew love to stay in moist areas, a digital moisture probe allows for the detection of the moisture and any water that may have entered.           

Borescope: Borescopes are essentially cameras designed to see in hard-to-reach spaces. 

What Our Clients
Say About Us

Nancy S.

I have needed the help of SuperDry on two occasions. Once in the master bathroom and recently in the kitchen. I can’t tell you how much much these guys and their transparency saved me!

Alex & Miguel are the most considerate and informative guys around! They both make sure to walk me through the process of what will be done and helped me deal with my insurance. They truly are lifesaving!

My husband and I always talk about how grateful we were for their expertise since we are first time homeowners. I will never, ever call anyone else for water damage or leak issues. 10/10 recommend

Bernard A.

Fantastic! Amazing and very knowledgeable. Art was helpful and very clearly explained what was needed to resolve my issue. He had the tools that very quickly and efficiently measured the moisture in the wood that was damp due to a leak in my roof.

A+++ for service quality and knowledge on issue, and quick resolution.

Eric C.

My furnace got a clog and leaked water into the walls of my garage. Mike and Geo arrived quickly, set up fans, took pictures and thermal scans, marked affected areas and were ready to go within minutes. They were very informative on the situation and on what the proper next steps would be to minimize and remove any water damage. 

Overall very quick work, took the time to explain things and were responsive to my calls and text messages of questions I forgot to ask. Thank you!