Common Water Damage Issues During Winter

Common water damage in the winter results in frozen drain pipes.

Water damage can occur in any home at any time of the year. The winter season though comes with a different set of challenges that could lead to water damage to any type of structure or property. 

And while most damages can be covered by a homeowner’s insurance, not all types of winter-related water damage issues can be paid off using one’s policy. This is because negligence and failure to maintain a home properly to withstand winter water damage can be seen. 

The Chicago Tribune has published an article detailing these to warn its readers. In the write-up, the media publication emphasized that homeowners should also do their share in preventing winter water damage. 

“Ice can build up on sloped roofs at the eaves and prevent meltwater drainage, which can cause roof and gutter damage. Damage from these events is generally covered, but there may be times when insurance companies will try to fight the claim, such as if the roof is old or of low quality.”

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When water damage occurs

Weather.com has come up with a write-up on how water damage can be prevented during the snow season. In their article they mentioned about the common areas at home where water usually intrudes giving way to water damage. They also shared water damage prevention tips, and what to do in case water intrusions occurs. 

“If water intrusion does occur, you can minimize the damage by addressing the problem quickly and thoroughly. If water is flowing into the home from burst piping or damaged appliances, shut off the water supply, which is typically found outside the house or at the meter. Immediately remove standing water and all moist materials, and consult with a licensed building professional who can determine the extent of the repairs necessary.”

The rest of the article can be found here.

Preventing water damage

UK-Based Sunday Express also shared several tips on preventing winter water damage at home. One of the tips they discussed is ensuring that the home’s gutters are cleared of debris that may prevent water and melted snow from flowing freely outward the home.

“It’s probably one of those tasks you try pushing down your to-do-list as far as possible but it’s essential to clear the gutters an drains from sandy debris such as leaves and mud. Making sure the gutters are clear from any build-up will minimize the risk of water damage. Check your roof — Don’t forget to check your roof (or get it checked) for potential damage, lose or missing singles which may results in leakage during the winter storms of from melting snow.”

The rest of their advice can be found here.

Winter water damage can indeed be prevented with thoughtful home maintenance.

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