Property owners indeed face a lot of hassle and destruction following a flooding incident. Apart from a flooded structure, homeowners also face damaged furniture including those that are upholstered. 24 Hour Super Dry Water Damage Restoration Service

Upholstered pieces of furniture though soak up a lot of flood water and the dirt that comes with it. And most guidebooks and reputable websites would say that it may not be wise to salvage a flood-damaged upholstered furniture because of the possible expense it may entail.

So the question is, are flooded upholstered furniture worth saving?

The North Dakota State University has published a manual that can be used by property owners reeling from flood damage. In that document they discussed about upholstered furniture, and touched on the matter of deciding whether a piece is worth saving.

“Before starting to salvage damaged furniture, decide which pieces are worth restoring. Such decisions should be based on: the extent of damage, cost of the article, sentimental value and cost of restoration. Antiques are probably worth the time, effort and expense of restoration. Unless damage is severe, you may be able to clean and refinish antiques at home.”

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Home improvement website The Spruce also shared tips on dealing with flood-damaged furnishings. For upholstered pieces, they mentioned about seeking guidance from professional restorers in terms of assessing and refurbishing the furniture piece. Salvaging Water Damaged Wooden Furniture

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The university of Nebraska-Lincoln also has its own guide for property owners who are dealing with home flooding. One section of the guide pertains to salvaging upholstered furniture pieces. There they mentioned that unless it has extreme value, then a flood damaged upholstered furnishing should just be disposed.

“It is recommended that upholstered furniture damaged by flood water should probably be discarded unless it is an antique or very valuable. If a piece is salvaged, it should be reupholstered and interior fillings replaced to sanitize from contaminated flood water. Because reupholstering is expensive, get an estimate from a professional before cleaning and restoring the piece to determine if it is worth salvaging. If you attempt to salvage the piece yourself, take it outside and spray the furniture with water to remove mud, debris, and mold or mildew. Remove the cushions, and allow the furniture to dry. Once the fabric is dry, brush any loose dirt and mold or mildew with a broom or soft brush.”

The PDF file can be downloaded here.

Dealing with flooding comes with a lot of episodes of having to let go personal items that may have a high monetary or sentimental value. It has to be carefully evaluated though whether the act of refurbishing is worth all the money and effort.